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December 2015

Wicked Cold Winter Walk







Until the last couple of years, I have always been intentional about squeezing in some sort of exercise.  Whether it be jogging outside in the nice weather or dragging myself through the doors of the gym during winter for time on the eliptical or a step aerobics class.  (Dating myself here!)  

But these days, I got nothing.  Morning and evening schedules before and after work are just too full!

The best I can do is an occasional 1/2 hour walk at lunchtime.  It's not much, but it helps to get fresh air during the workday and get my blood moving a I'll take it. 

One rare weekend afternoon, we were all home and contentedly lounging around.  As nice as it was, I had a sudden and strong urge to DO SOMETHING!  I needed to stretch my legs and feel my pulse rise.  I presented it to my lazy gang as a nice winter walk to enjoy the little bit of snow we had gotten up to that point.

This got them for about 20 seconds until they realized it was as cold as nuts outside!

I convinced them to walk a little ways to our favorite community tree.  We stayed for a few freezing minutes until we started to lose the feeling in our fingers and toes.  Then we walked quickly home with watering eyes and stinging cheeks!

Hot chocolate with marshmallows always makes it better, which is exactly what we did next. :)

Stay warm and cozy wherever you are, exercise or no exercise!!!


Superbowl Sunday

(Be sure to check out my post today on The Penny Hoarder for some helpful tips about how your kids can make their own money!)


Today was sunny and warm - in the mid 50's or so.  Not bad for Ohio in February!  My older three headed out for an afternoon bike excursion, which left me with my little Lena.  Forever trying to keep up, she insisted on a bike ride, too.  Let me tell you, she is getting fast!  I walked briskly beside her and was better for it, especially before settling into our evening of football and junk food.




Superbowl Sunday is quickly becoming a favorite excuse for a very late bedtime.  ("The Superbowl is only once a year, Mom....")

Welcome to game-watching at our house, complete with 4th quarter back walkovers.  Congratulations, Broncos!