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I was at the dentist yesterday to get some cavities filled. Notice the plural on "cavities." :) This is what happens when you wait too many years to go to the dentist. Ahem.

No matter, I am glad I went. I am not glad that I had to miss a couple hours of work, but this could not wait any longer!

We had a beautiful weekend weather-wise here in southern Ohio, but through it all I could not help but feel a little discouraged and here's why.

All throughout the week, I build up so much creative energy. I have many, many projects I'd like to tackle. I have visions of spending time teaching my children crafts and skills, and learning new ones together.

But when it comes down to the short (but wonderful!) 48 hours we have in a weekend, the reality is that very few of my ideas ever actually come to fruition. This can be really frustrating!

When I stop to reflect, however, on what we did do and get done, I realize that I am doing just what I need to be doing in this season of my life. Really, it is nothing short keeping all of our balls up in the own and my four kids.

In an attempt to make myself feel better because of my lack of time for creative pursuits, here is what we did do this weekend.

-Slept in! 
-Drank coffee out of a real mug and not a to go one .
-Mowed the lawn
-Watered and weeded the garden
-Laundry from the week
-Went to the pool for 3 hours to soak up the last ray's of this season's sun.
-Had a great conversation with my friend and neighbor we met at the pool.
-Grilled chicken and made spicy vodka pasta sauce. Yum!
-Watched Mockingjay with my two oldest girls in preparation for Part 2 coming this fall.

-Went to church...a new one we've been visiting.
-Went to lunch afterward with a lovely family from the church and the kid's school 
-Took my youngest two to a birthday party and met some great new folks - parents of my son's new classmates.
-Hung out with kids and worked on planning his 7th birthday party
-Took him to soccer practice and went grocery shopping with my 10 year old daughter....she is learning how to coupon.
-Packed lunches and prepared for another week....already!

I think we did what we needed, with not an hour to spare. My overarching goal is to NOT be preoccupied by some big project, but to spend time with my kids. Work scattered with bits fun is just about right for us these days. I am adjusting to becoming strictly a creative visionary with lots of ideas that I never do....but that's OK, right?

Hoping you are all off to a great start this week doing what is just right for you!




Joseph Humphries

Kristen, you are an inspiration!! Hope that this weekend goes a bit slower for you so you can do some of those things you have been yearning to do as of late. ;-)

I am single parenting-it this next week and a half, and it made me think of you and want to check out your blog. My wife's dad has been being treated by hospice this past week, and we felt it was best for her to get some good, one-on-one time while she can.

Hope all is well on your end!!


I think I entered the 'creative visionary with lots of ideas that I never do' stage several years ago...we should start a club! :)

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