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In Reality....What Doesn't Get Done


These once-beautiful tomatoes from our garden have met their demise.  They rotted right on the kitchen counter for several days before they found their final resting place in my trash can.  I had every good intention of canning this first batch over the weekend, but happened.  And then life happened again and again....and again.

As a single mom of four, I often hear this phrase:

"I don't know how you do it all."

Well, these rotten tomatoes that ended up in my trash is a very good indicator that there are many things around here that don't.get.done.  As much as I was looking forward to canning these tomatoes from my very own garden, it just didn't make the cut this weekend.  On one hand, it kills me to see them go to waste.  But on the other, it is another good lesson learned in being OK with cutting things free from my to do list when I simply cannot squeeze them in.

Truth be told, we had a lovely weekend with friends and swimming and sleepovers and soccer practice and a gourmet meal prepared by my daughter and her friend.  (More on this to come!)   And these tomatoes are just one of many things that did not get done around here this weekend.

But at the end of a day and the end of a weekend, I know there are four healthy children up sleeping in their beds.  We ate, we played, we worshiped, and we had clean clothes to put on.  We spent time together.

I am glad for all we did do this weekend.  And I think that if the tomatoes could talk, they might even be OK with their sacrifice on our behalf. ;)

Happy Monday, Friends!



Sounds like a good weekend, and like you said, I think the tomatoes totally understand :)

Wishing you a wonderful week.

Joseph Humphries

My first thought was "Why did she put them in the trash instead of using them for compost?" ;-)

Glad you had fun this weekend, and it sounds like you had your priorities right, too.


Ha! I don't have a great compost system here, yet. Our neighborhood HOA has strict guidelines. Good thought, though! :)


That is the life a single parent. There are many things that do not get done. For instance I have a can of soup in my lunch bag today. Efforts to bring my lunch so I dont spend more than I need to, but sadly I wont eat it because its not prepared and I dont want to put forth the effort today, and surely didnt have the time or energy to do it last night. Dont be too hard on yourself. I know the feeling of trying to do something good for you, the family, the checkbook, the environment, but sometimes its just not feasible. Maybe next summer. ;o)

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