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Every Once in a While.....I Get Out!

2015-07-29 10.03.19


The proof is in the pictures, folks!  Every great once in a while, I manage to break away from my routine of full time work and full time mama.  This particular time I met up with some dear friends to spend an evening downtown right in the midst of the All-Star game preparations.

It is surprisingly difficult for me to say Yes a night out.  For one thing, I am usually just beat by the time the weekend gets here.  Family movie night on the couch is just about my speed. The other reason, which might be a single mom thing or a working mom thing or maybe both, is the guilt attached with leaving behind the kiddos any moment that I don't absolutely have to. 

My life is currently defined by very certain parameters.  Wake up, work, drive home, see kids, start dinner, eat, drive to/from kids' activities, showers, bedtime for kids, clean-up house, do laundry, bedtime for me.  This is a fairly realistic assessment, albeit the order may be changed up bit from night to night.  As routine as this schedule may sound, there is comfort in the predictableness of our life and I am glad for that.  

But I think a night out with the girls every so often is the perfect way to break up the way we normally roll!  It usually takes me about an hour to relax and realize I am having a great time.  It takes me about two hours to feel like I am 23 again without a care in the world. I do believe I'll take that.

I am always glad to return home to my loves and get back into our groove.  But I am learning that every once in a while, getting out does me good and reminds me that there is still a "me" buried deep under the day in and day out.


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Good for you! You look great! I wish I could reach through the computer to give you hug!


Love that I was able to get you to come out! Even if it did take a trip from Florida. :) What a fun night and love the photos!


Good for you! We all need a night out once in a while. Looks like it was well enjoyed.


Love it!! One of my favorite memories from this summer!

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