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a New Kind of Summer








I must admit, summer has thrown me off kilter a bit.  No sooner did I get used to working full time and managing school schedules and activities than it all ended just like that!  All of the sudden we have a new routine to settle in to.

One of the biggest questions I've had from folks is "What are the kids going to be doing this summer?"  Translation:  "How the heck are you going to fill their long, summer hours and keep them stimulated and happy, the 13 year old down to the 3 year old, while you are working all day long?"  (They know we're new at this working mama thing!)

The answer to this is my new favorite mantra.... we roll day by day and week by week. Every week will bring something different.  Various family members will stay for a stretch here and there and grandma will be around a lot. The two oldest will do a sleepover camp and they all have some day camps and activities scattered in the mix.  Friends have offered to host them from time to time.  I will have a few days off around the Fourth  followed by  a glorious week of vacation later in the month.  We're working it out....and finding more and more pieces to this puzzle called summer.

I can attest to the fact that this change in season has brought a whole new meaning to the word weekend!  (That beautiful word that I really didn't grasp the full meaning of until this year!)  We cram a lot into the two days where I can be with my kiddos from sun-up to sun-down.  This weekend, we spent Saturday on a boat with friends, skiing and tubing and having a plain old good time.  As one who grew up water skiing, I was hugely proud that my three oldest got up on skis!  (So did yours truly, I might add..for the first time in about 15 years! I wish I had the kids take a picture for proof....:)  

Great fun was had by all and I was so thankful for this lazy, hazy summer Saturday.

Happy Monday, Friends!