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Drivin' Along a Sunny California Highway

We ate a picnic lunch at a rest stop....with a lively orchard as a convenient bonus backdrop.

The sun is warm, the grass is green and the birds are chirping. I am even glad to see the ants marching along the dry, dusty ground. We aren't wearing mittens and coats, but we are wearing short sleeves and flip flops!

Having fun with each other and making lots of memories and driving along with the windows down.

There just might not be much better than hot, happy kids on their way to Disneyland!

Drivin' Along a Sunny California Highway

Drivin' Along a Sunny California Highway

{this moment}

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.



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They Made a Museum

On a recent Saturday, my girls were sent to their room to begin spring cleaning. Did several hours of busy silence mixed with some girlish giggling behind a closed door lead to a clean room?  Well....kind of.  It did however, without a doubt, lead to our very own in-house museum!  Who would've guessed?

May I now present the exhibits in no particular order....


Coin and Antique Book Exhibit




Around the World Exhibit


Museum 3.5



Prairie/Frontier Days Exhibit





Fashion Through The Ages Exhibit



Great Artist/Scientist Exhibit




Handcrafts Exhibit




Crafting Through Yesteryear Exhibit







And finally....

Modern Art Exhibit



(Realizing here that New England kids are great finding ways to pass these last cold days of winter!)

So Close!







Today, let's not dwell on the sub-freezing temperatures and the little snow/ice storm that decided to pass through.  Quite uninvited might I add....March storms are such party crashers!

Let's instead think about what lies just ahead.  We are so close to putting away the inside activities for a while....Spring is coming!  Here in New Hampshire, it just comes a little slower than we all would like.

We are working hard at keeping the rest of our inside days busy and peaceful.  This, however, is becoming much easier said than done.  We are restless and stir-crazy.  This mama is running out of ideas. 

But....our days are an hour longer and lighter.  The snow will eventually melt.  One day soon we will feel warm sun on our skin.

Hang on, sweet kiddos!  I promise, it's coming!



In The City









Returning now, on the train, from a refreshing weekend in NYC. Although I truly love living in the great woods of New Hampshire, sometimes the bright lights and sounds of the city and the masses of people are strangely soothing.

Not to mention that my hostess for the weekend is a dear friend from forever ago and I just love spending time with her.  Good dinners and long chats from the West Village and surrounding neighborhoods were indeed the perfect combination for my weekend away.  We purposely avoided the touristy places while my friend took me around to her some of favorite local spots. 

I'll share the few pictures I took, but for the most part my camera was tucked away while I fully enjoyed my memory of each and every moment! 

Now, I'm homeward bound and counting down the minutes until I can be reunited with my own life and people....grateful for the chance to go away and ever so thankful for who and what I get to come home to.