Crunchy and Crispy

Life is a Beautiful Thing


I have the pleasure of introducing my newest nephew, Mr. William Myron!  This strapping young lad came into the world weighing an impressive 10 pounds, 10 ounces and was 23 inches long. 

('Wow' was all I could say, too!)

He joins his awesome parents, four doting siblings and four equally doting cousins, as well as a slew of grandparents, aunts and uncles.   We are so thrilled he's finally here, and thankful he is healthy and hearty. 

As I held this precious babe in my arms, I was reminded of the utter miracle of life.  Let's love it (and them) at each and every stage from conception on, shall we?  It's really the least we can do for these little ones who need us so.


Another much furrier new life in our family is in the form of a wee bunny that we brought home from the Common Ground Fair.  We are trying out a Holland Lop this time, with the hope that he will be a good show bunny.  (And who can  resist those soft and floppy little ears?!)  We named him Chestnut to continue our tree theme of rabbit names as he joins his adoptive big sister, Maple, our beloved Netherland Dwarf bunny.



Babies and bunnies.  Yes, new life is soooo good.



Congratulations on the newest family member, such a cutie. An that bunny, adorable. Have fun!


Beautiful nephew! And of course a sweet little bunny!

Michael kleine

Great picture of Lena and Will. Dad


Wow! In that one picture Lena and Will look about the same size(from that camera angle). So sweet - she is choking...oops...I mean hugging him - what wonderful cousins they will be.

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