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We are in the midst of a beautiful New England fall week.  The leaves are breathtaking this year.  It's almost hard to drive right now and stay focused because the trees are so bright and distracting and perfect that I would much rather be paying attention to them than the road. I think it would be safe to say that my children have heard "Look out the window at those trees, kids!" about a thousand times.  Like clockwork they pause, look and dutifully comment..."Yeah mom, they're great.  Pretty for sure." 

Someday they'll understand that the vibrant, crisp beauty of Fall gives us a glimpse of the creativity and artistry of God, and that He graciously chose our world as His canvas.  How fortunate we are to live in the midst of His masterpiece!

Yesterday afternoon we went to our favorite local "park" which happens to be a working dairy farm.  Two spontaneous hours alone with my four darlings flew by and watching them play was more than refreshing.  In the middle of a busy school year with many subjects and schedules of multiple people to keep, I find myself yearning for a little less structure and a little more free time to spend with my four before they go and grow up on me.  Even as a homeschool mama who spends most waking hours with her kids, I still miss out on many opportunities to enjoy them because I am too busy frantically trying to "check things off the list." 

But this beautiful week, I'm striving to take these lovely, just-about-perfect days a little bit slower and let our play time last a little bit longer.  These times are the ones we remember.

Hoping you are enjoying your own Fall colors, my friends!



Gorgeous! I love that creek. For a minute I thought it was in your backyard! This post makes me miss fall! :( Enjoy the beauty for me!!


I need to adopt this attitude! I'm definitely in check things off the list mode 99% of the time! I really need to stop and enjoy the kids. Now that Cody is in high school, I'm realizing I'm gonna blink and he'll be off to college. Aahh! So thanks for such a beautiful reminder to just stop and drink it all in. Miss you guys!


I love the first photo! I just went to the mailbox to see if I had mail ( no yet) and I took forever because I kept stopping to photo this and that. Having an iphone makes being in the moment so much faster!!


Such a refreshing attitude, I love it! And we too are loving the beautiful fall week we have been blessed with. Enjoy!


Love fall! I bet it is super gorgeous where you are! I was driving the other day and they were cutting the corn down. Ahhh the look of a red tractor against the golden corn stalks on a fall day! Love it! Hope you are doing well.:-)


You'd think as homeschoolers we'd have tons of downtime. I'm right there with you wishing for free time. It's getting cold here so we are soaking up every last bit of day light!


Oh, you'd think that after having 2 in college and only 2 left at home, I would get out of the check-off-list mentality. Things have been so busy here that I think I would forget my head if it weren't attached. :)

What a breath of fresh air it is to just stop and sit and watch the kids play in that crisp fall air. I miss New England autumns for sure - the colors, the pleasant chill in the air before it gets really bone-chilling cold, the apple cider and pumpkins, the way the leaves blow across the yard...

But keep your eyes on the road next time :)

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