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Our Morning Walk

Enjoying....our very own Spring!







Ok, so it's not our very own spring, but it is just down the street and free to anyone who wants to stop by and fill up on its deliciousness. Close enough, right?

How grateful we are to this rustic, rural, tiny, New Hampshire town for continuing to reveal her lovely little secrets to us!

Today we're enjoying fresh, local, cool, clear yummy spring water.  Gallons of it!  What are you enjoying?


amanda {the habit of being}

awesome! fresh, clean water and it keeps the kids busy ;-)


Reminds me of when we were young!! You just do not see fresh clean spring water anymore.


That would be a treat! And it's okay to drink?

My grandfather used to take empty milk jugs to a nearby natural spring as well, but his weren't free - he had to pay 10 cents for each gallon he pumped. Still a great deal.


I would love that, how awesome.

Jen Betancourt

What a treat! I drove by a place like this visiting relatives in PA a week or so ago, and thought cool fresh spring water...it doesn't really get much better than that. And I love, love, love that it is free to anyone.

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