Yarn Along ~ August 1

Their (Lucrative) Silent Auction

Around here, money for this or that isn't handed out very often.  Birthdays, tooth fairy visits, or the occasional allowance for above and beyond chores are the usual ways that our youngsters earn their petty cash.

When they have something on their mind to buy, we encourage them to "be creative" with how to earn enough money for it.  They have come up with some pretty interesting ideas, some more successful than others, but this time has to be our favorite so far!

The cause was the "rabbit" fund (yes, they've talked us into new pets), and the means was their own, self-hosted silent auction.  (Brilliant, I say!)   My two eldest gals sewed, knitted and crafted for days in order to have the auction ready in time for myself and daddy, and our guests Mimi and Aunt Marcia, all to place our bids.





We bid and outbid until the auction closed, and these two went away with a whopping $42.86.

(Brilliant, I say again!)





What are some clever ways your kids earn extra money?




Michelle @ The Willing Cook

I want that pool bag. I always did have an eye on your purse with that pattern. What a cute idea! My kids have stuck with the traditional lemonade stand. Boring, but it works :)

Heather G

What a great idea! I love it! Jon is always trying to think of things he could sell--it's been paper airplanes, his art work, and his old clothes. We've never actually sold any of them, but he's always trying to think of something he could do to make extra money. :)


how creative and how fun! An I am sure we will be seeing rabbit photos soon (I will have to keep Frodo off the computer). (because he loves rabbits!)


I just have to say I love and miss you and your kiddos so much! This post just makes me smile thinking about you guys.


Next time let us Cincy friends bid! So clever. Lauren is out selling lemonaide right now. I'll show her this blog when she comes in. She has been making pot holders, but only as gifts so far.


Very ingenious kids you have, Kristen. Maybe some of their ideas and motivation should rub off on my kids.

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