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Flour Sack Friday: Line-Dry Laundry

Lately, I have been inspired to try something different around here.  (When I say "around here," I mean around this neighborhood that happens to have a rather stuffy "no clothesline" rule.) 

But guess what?  We're line-drying our laundry anyway!

We've gotten around this pesky little HOA rule by simply using our deck and camping chairs.


At first, the thought of lying out each and every piece of our laundry seemed incredibly time-consuming as opposed to throwing it all in the dryer.  But now, with my daughters at work by my side, I have come to enjoy this process of thoughtfully hanging the clothes that keep us warm and dry, and that we are blessed to have.


I've found statistics that the cost of operating an electric clothes dryer is approximately $130-$150 per year for family of 5...soon to be 6!  While this doesn't seem like an exorbitant amount of money in one whole year, it does add up.  Just think....we spend about $3000 per twenty years of dryer use. 

Although this endeavor is experimental for us, I'm pleased to say that it's going quite well.  I love the fresh outdoor smell on our clothes and the awesome stain-removal power of the sun.  Our next step?  Researching indoor air-drying for when the weather turns cold and investing in some drying racks!




Not sure if you have an patio umbrella, but my mom always hangs her clothes on hangers and then hangs them from the spokes of her umbrella.


We can't have clothes lines either but I put one from one side of our deck to the other to hide it. We also utilize the chair and deck method though:-)


I was thinking too of having my husband (on his honey-do list which by the way is growing longer & longer daily) add a retractable line that extends from one side of the deck to the other - might be better use of our space - but I have to say, I love our racks (even if one leg is broken).

BTW - have too much basil - do you want a whole plant for the rest of the summer?


Smart! We don't have a patio umbrella, though :)


Good for you my with a little helper it makes it FUN! Happy new week to you. xoxoxo

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